With DealonCloud, you can effortlessly launch the Kubernetes master and worker nodes and begin working with your Kubernetes cluster.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Let us handle the complexities of database . We'll take care of hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups, so you can focus on developing fantastic apps.


With our Colocation, you can now easily migrate. DealonCloud is providing Server Colocation, Rack Colocation and Cage Colocation as per the client needs

Reserved IP

You can reserve new IP addresses and assign them to your nodes for a fixed monthly fee.

About Us

DealonCloud is a global dedicated web hosting and data centre company with exposure in delivering high-quality dedicated cloud servers, Graphics Processing Units (GPU) , fully managed web hosting, email solutions, colocation services, and many other services.

DealonCloud is making its presence felt by providing high quality and DDOS protected hosting solutions.

  • Working closely with top 10 tier 3 and tier 4 datacenter to provide cutting-edge technology in the web hosting industry.
  • Affordable and economical prices along with user friendly interface allow you to establish a strong web presence to your audience.
  • DealonCloud is a hosting platform built on scalable, robust and agile technology.

We operate on the mission of providing the best protection services to all our offshore customers giving top priority to identity, server and network protection. Various features and aspects of our products and services are focused on these protections.

Our Customer Support Program is designed for absolute peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all our customers.

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With unique name we provide best solutions to all your server needs.

We offer variety of solutions to the clients which accelerate theie business. Your Trust is most precious and we deliver to keep it intact!

  • 01 24X7X365 Support

    Rest easy knowing that DealonCloud will look after you! If you need help, our friendly, fast and knowledgeable Support team is here to assist you with any problems.

  • Simple, reliable high-performance SSD Cloud infrastructure built on the latest generation of hardware and software that ensures consistent performance.

  • Web hosting made easy. Our company is concise and friendly designed with many cPanel tools available one-click away and very easy to use!

  • You can rely on us because we hate downtime as much as you do. Our 99.99% uptime guarantee means your websites will always be available.

  • Our cloud hosting infrastructure keeps your data safe. By distributing server data across redundant servers, information hosted in the cloud is protected against hardware failure.

  • We're proud to have grown out of recommendations from happy customers and it's our promise to go beyond hosting. This means that you, our customer, are our top priority!


Dealoncloud works closely with Client to develop, create, and deploy the infrastructure and offer multiple services to them in order to transform their company's success.

Cloud Hosting

With DealonCloud's cloud hosting, you will get unlimited bandwidth, complimentary SSL along with many other benifits. Our networks are designed to provide high-performance hosting to give you fast cloud experiences. Move to our Indian cloud hosting India services now and get access to our scalable infrastructure.

Dedicated Hosting

Combine the power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of dedicated hardware with the cloud. With our simple installation of more than 50 operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and VMware, our dedicated server will enhance your business performance.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Dedicated Servers with Nvidia T4, Nvidia V100 GPU, Nvidia RTX 8000, and Nvidia DGX A100 cards are offered. For heavy workloads, GPU cards serves as an accelerator, making the process more efficient and reliable.


Kubernetes, often known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and administration of containerized applications. Kubernetes, based on the same concepts that allow Google to operate billions of containers every week, can expand without increasing your operations workforce.

Reserved IP

Reserve new IP addresses and assign them to your nodes as needed — additionally, reserve IP addresses for your current nodes.

Object Storage

Object storage is an S3-compatible SSD-based object storage solution for demanding applications like machine learning and deep learning.

Load Balancer

DealonCloud offers highly efficient and managed load balancing services.


DealonCloud offers CDN to improve your website performance, enhance SEO, improves security thus keeping your valuable assests safe.


DealonCloud is providing Server Colocation, Rack Colocation and Cage Colocation as per the client needs

Email Solution

With DealonCloud, you can get Zimbra, GSuite, Microsoft Office 365 email solutions.

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Enhance your business with our best-in-class affordable Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Solutions, providing you with the complete solution.


DealonCloud offers best available solutions to your business needs. We provide you with various server options with Linus/Windows OS.

Cloud Server Hosting

Price starting from

599 / month

  • 1 CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 25 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1 TB Transfer


Advanced Price starting from

29,999 / month

  • NVIDIA T4, 12 CPU
  • 50 GB RAM
  • 900 GB SSD
  • 16 GB GPU Memory


Price starting from

5999 / month

  • 1 U Server Unit Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • Free Set-Up
  • 1 Server