Cloud Backup

No more worries of lost files and system failures through rapid restorations and enterprise-grade encryption.



What is Cloud Backup?

DealonCloud Cloud Backup is a solution that safeguards your business by saving major files of your website or application requirements. It helps you to get back to normal operations and quickly restores all the documents after a system failure or data loss.

Backups are great means to protect the contents of your Virtual Compute Node. They are helpful in projects or milestones to back up the complete data or a set of files containing important information.DealonCloud Backups is the exact replication of your data which is backed up automatically at periodic intervals. Each backup created contains all the data which was backed up to restore from the provisioning till the most recent block update. This allows point-in-time to restore from any of the recovery points present in the archive.


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Why DealonCloud Cloud Backup?

Quick Restore

Fallback to restore points on-demand and quickly recover your VM environment.


Lowest possible impact on disk and network I/O and relatively short backup windows.

Block-level Backup

Directly backups the block-level data from disk or volume bypassing the file system.

Long-term Data Archiving

The continuous, incremental backups are perfect for your data archival requirements.


Secured backups are relocated over our high-capacity network and are written to storage disks. These disks are all on separate locations.

Easy Setup

Our Cloud backup managed operations service initiates preinstalled Cloud Backup on all the Cloud Servers.