Email Solutions

Email hosting is an internet-based hosting, operating email server. It is a service in which your emails, attachments, and all the other email-related data are stored in the recipient server.

Email hosting is the same as any other hosting; the only difference being, the host will store only email-related data. You can choose to have a single or different server for both your website and your email account.

Most of the service vendors offering web hosting solutions provides you with email hosting solutions as well, though, the e-mail hosting services offered by renowned and reliable web hosting providers only delivers POP3 email as well as the basic virus & spam protection services. In addition, some free e-mail hosting service vendors are advertisement-supported. Most of the SMEs (small to medium sized business) operate their corporate emails by using e-mail hosting.

Professional email hosting service is inexpensive as it eradicates the requirement for setting up in-house email servers. Therefore there is no need to hire any IT team experts to maintain such servers.

A business e-mail hosting is the best option to showcase your identity and professionalism. A mail from your business e-mail account conveys the authentication of your business. So, it is the best time that you should get an e-mail account for your business for the store of your data and immense security.