Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux is a popular operating system for everything from the gadgets you have in your pocket to the New York Stock Exchange, and of course, for its primary use on servers. Whether you're hosting online games or storing data for a business, Linux can work for you.

Linux is frequently used for dedicated hosting because of its flexibility. It is compatible with most hardware, including that which supports Windows and Mac. Unmanaged servers, or those that allow full root access, go hand-in-hand with hosting on Linux. It's a great option for anyone who prefers to do their research and find the right options for applications and customization.

DealonCloud offers wide range of Linux Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.


DealonCloud offers best available solutions to your business needs. We provide you with various server options with Linus/Windows OS.



8,399 / month

  • 8 CPU
  • 45 GB RAM
  • 400 GB NVMe SSD



37,299 / month

  • 32 CPU
  • 180 GB RAM
  • 1600 GB NVMe SSD



52,999 / month

  • 48 CPU
  • 240 GB RAM
  • 2400 GB NVMe SSDe