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An inexpensive object storage service great for hosting files, storing backups, and Web app development.



DealonCloud Object Storage is a simple, cost-effective, and S3-compatible storage service that enables you to store, backup, and archive large amounts of content for your web apps or data for AI/ML pipelines. Our S3 Compatible REST API enables data access from anywhere on the internet or within your private network.

Our Object Storage is to handle large data volumes so you can scale as per your needs. Under the hood, it is a distributed object storage, a federation of large clusters that ensure high availability. Erasure coding, the standard practice for data storage, is employed for redundancy and fault tolerance.

The difference in performance from an HDD deployed website and SSD deployed website is 100 times poorer.


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Why DealonCloud Object Storage?


Any harm to HDD will bring about whole information misfortune. It can withstand every single operational temperature. To put it plainly, you need not worry over your information or data loss, and you can concentrate on improving your site.


Today the vast majority of the sites are on WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal because of the simplicity of establishment and customization with various free themes and plugins.


There are a lot of chances to lose the business if the site takes a long time. The entrance time taken by HDD is almost 10 to 20 milliseconds. Furthermore, that is low in SSD, and it is about 0.2 milliseconds.

Cost Savings

By utilizing SSD, the organization can diminish the operational expense. There will be no extra expense because of the necessity of stockpiling the drives in case of mishappening of drive failures.


SSDs are increasingly safe and sturdy. For instance, if an individual happened to drop SSD on the ground, it is unlikely to break. That is the thing that we mean by SSD toughness.

Store Your Files & Media

Use compatible applications like Retrospect, Cloudberry and others to store personal files like music, photos, and even hi-res videos.