GPU Windows Hosting

CPUs are designed for general purpose computing, able to handle anything thrown at them. As such, for running a flexible array of applications, such as an email server, web client or word processing application, they're ideal. Yet, if focused on a specific task, custom hardware designed to do that job will be faster than a CPU. A good example of this is Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), which are built differently to CPUs. Designed specifically for generating realistic 3D graphics at speed, GPUs are built to process fast and accurate floating-point number arithmetic. GPUs typically have slower core speeds than CPUs, but they can have thousands of cores running in parallel. The result is that certain mathematical operations can run faster on a GPU than a CPU. GPU servers, as the name suggests, are servers packed with graphics cards, designed to harness this raw processing power. Using an offloading process, the CPU can hand specific tasks to the GPUs, increasing performance.

DealonCloud offers GPU Cloud Instances based on NVIDIA Tesla v100 and NVIDIA T4 GPU cards.


DealonCloud offers best available solutions to your business needs. We provide you with various server options with Linus/Windows OS.



28,999 / month

  • 12 CPU
  • 16 GB GPU Memory
  • 50 GB RAM
  • 900 GB NVMe SSD



69,599 / month

  • NVIDIA V100
  • 8 CPU
  • 32 GB GPU Memory
  • 120 GB RAM
  • 900 GB NVMe SSD



1,10,999 / month

  • NVIDIA A100
  • 16 CPU
  • 40 GB GPU Memory
  • 115 GB RAM
  • 1500 GB NVMe SSD