Windows Dedicated Hosting

Linux isn't the only option for dedicated servers - in fact, Windows dedicated hosting is quickly becoming a popular solution. There are many advantages to Windows dedicated servers, both in terms of usability and security.

There are many web-based businesses that need Windows-based dedicated server hosting. Windows web applications and related softwares are becoming very cost-effective and are also upgraded regularly with advanced features. A managed Windows dedicated server hosting can well provide complete secure environment using select firewalls and special configurations applied to these mission-critical applications. As these Windows-based web applications and softwares are constantly upgraded with new technology, the service providers must also be able to provide domain expertise in these fields to the customers.

DealonCloud offers wide range of Windows Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.


DealonCloud offers best available solutions to your business needs. We provide you with various server options with Linus/Windows OS.



14,699 / month

  • 4 CPU
  • 60 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB NVMe SSD



42,799 / month

  • 12 CPU
  • 180 GB RAM
  • 3200 GB NVMe SSD



85,499 / month

  • 24 CPU
  • 360 GB RAM
  • 6400 GB NVMe SSDe